Matthew Furrow<

Matthew Furrow’s practice focuses exclusively on estate, trust, guardianship, and capacity disputes. He helps estate beneficiaries understand and enforce their rights; advises executors and trustees on how to meet their duties to beneficiaries, and defends them against litigation claims; represents parties in disputes over the validity of wills and powers of attorney; and helps family members obtain legal guardianship over loved ones who no longer have the ability to make decisions for themselves. Matthew also represents other lawyers where there is a dispute over their conduct in estate matters.

Matthew started his career at a national, full-service law firm where he represented clients in estate and commercial litigation matters. After five years on Bay Street, Matthew then practised estate litigation at a leading Toronto firm for more than three years before joining Ben Arkin to establish Arkin Furrow Estate Law in 2019.

Matthew has advocated for clients at all levels of court in Ontario. He enjoys going to court, but always prioritizes practical and principled solutions for his clients. This means assessing a case early to see whether and when it can be settled cost-effectively, and keeping clients informed of their options at all times. If a case cannot or should not be settled, it should be carried forward with purpose and resolve. Matthew is an avid chess player who understands the importance of strategizing ahead and anticipating the adverse party’s next move.

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Matthew has written and spoken extensively on estate matters, both to other lawyers, to healthcare professionals, and to the public. The Court of Appeal for Ontario, the province’s highest court, has approvingly cited a paper Matthew co-wrote.

As a law student, Matthew volunteered at his school’s legal aid clinic. He helped low-income clients, some with mental health issues, face a variety of legal challenges. He has also volunteered for the Law Help Ontario program, assisting people who can’t afford a lawyer in understanding how to proceed with litigation.

Matthew was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2010. He has a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School, an M.A. from the University of Toronto, and a B.A. from Bishop’s University. In addition to his legal writing, Matthew has been published in the Journal of American History.


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