Advocates in Estate Litigation and Mediation

Our law firm focuses exclusively on representing clients in estate, trust and capacity disputes throughout Ontario.

Meet our Team of Experienced Lawyers

Successfully negotiating a settlement or going to trial depends on being represented by knowledgeable and experienced counsel. This is why we are lawyers who focus exclusively on representing clients in estate, trust, guardianship, and power of attorney disputes.

Benjamin Arkin

Benjamin is a litigator with more than a decade and a half of experience working with his clients to resolve a range of disputes involving wills, estates, trusts, incapacity, guardianships, and powers of attorney.

About Benjamin

Daniel W. Boucher

Daniel has a specific interest in assisting estate trustees with navigating the complexities of administering an estate during litigation. His focus on dispute resolution helps clients achieve results while limiting the high cost of litigation.

About Daniel

Allie Cuperfain

Alexandra’s practice includes all forms of disputes associated with estates, wills, powers of attorney, capacity, guardianships and trusts. Prior to joining the firm, Allie worked at a firm practicing a combination of applications for guardianships of incapable persons, family law, health law and fertility law.

About Allie

Corinne Doroszkiewicz

Corinne advocates for her clients in disputes related to wills, estates, trusts, powers of attorney, guardianships, and capacity. She brings a pragmatic, empathetic approach to the practice of estate litigation.

About Corinne

Matthew Furrow

Matthew is a knowledgeable and strategic estate litigation lawyer. He advocates vigorously for his clients, whether through negotiation or in court. He takes pride in his legal argument, writing and speaking.

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Tori Joseph

Tori is a lawyer who draws on her background in psychology, using her understanding of the human mind and empathy to navigate her clients through the emotional and messy nature of estate litigation.

About Tori

Ashley Seely

Ashley has worked on complex litigation, and now uses the skills she developed to navigate the multifaceted challenges of estate litigation. With undergraduate studies in psychology, her unique blend of legal education and psychological insight has been instrumental in her approach.

About Ashley

How We Work

Estate, trust, guardianship, and power of attorney disputes raise complicated legal issues. They are also emotionally charged and often driven by family dynamics.

Clients rely on us to tackle the issues they face by developing personalized, cost-effective strategies – and putting them into action. 

From when you first call us, through to the final outcome of settlement or litigation, our experienced team will be there to guide and support every step of the way.

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